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Thank you for joining us. Please Act Now sign the petition (click the link below).

Please look at our petition and sign it if you agree with it and send on to your friends and neighbours.


Keep Penrith Special is a Campaign Group to oppose the Penrith Strategic Masterplan.

Eden District Council’s Masterplan for Penrith and Eden envisages doubling the population of Penrith by building 5,569 new house in three new ‘Garden villages’ behind the Beacon and putting a development on the Beacon itself.

The group believes the Masterplan to double the size of Penrith will cause more problems than it solves and change the area forever.

We are going to conduct an online and offline campaign against the Masterplan. Penrith and Eden deserves better than this and we need a plan based upon the feedback and thoughts of the people of Penrith and Eden to improve Penrith itself, it’s facilities and some of the poorer quality housing in the town. This should be the priority rather than building a vast number of new houses around 2.5 miles from the town centre and building on the Beacon itself. We want to work with local people and build an alternative vision that addresses their real concerns and aspirations. If you want to help with our campaign please contact us by email to We have a Facebook site @keeppenrithspecial.

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4 thoughts on “Keep Penrith Special: Act Now – Sign the Petition

  1. if lord lonsdale needs to build new houses why dosent he build them on his estates at lowther?Perhaps he doesnt want to blot his landscape or open the gates to developers?

  2. the roads to the proposed village all come back via carlton to the motorway this will cause chaos.

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