Twaddle #5 -Affordable Housing Claims Unpacked.

The Claim:

EDC states that it will “seek a minimum of 30% affordable housing on all new developments”.

The Reality:

However, the ‘Technical Document’ states “there is provision for this (30% affordable housing) to be reduced… where it can be demonstrated that application of the policy will render any housing scheme unviable”.

A housing scheme can be rendered “unviable” if the site chosen for building increases the housebuilders costs (e.g. because there is an underlying aquifer or some such so extensive preparation of the ground is required prior to building). Therefore, a viability assessment for any site considered for building is required to ascertain what percentage, if any, of affordable housing is achievable. Yet, the Masterplan Technical Document clearly states “For the purposes of the viability assessment no affordable housing delivery is assumed”.

Since provision for affordable housing is excluded from the viability study, how can they possibly know if 30% is even achievable? They may promise to “seek a minimum of 30% affordable housing” on the site of the new villages but they certainly aren’t seeking it very hard and are a long, long way off from ensuring it.

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