Keep Penrith Campaign starts litigation and complains about unbalanced reporting.


NB 24/10/2018 –Since we wrote this blog yesterday lots of you have been in touch with ITV. But we made a mistake for which we want to apologise. ITV never reported the story about Lowther/EDC withdrawing the plans to build on the Beacon. So it can’t have been misreported by ITV Border it wasn’t reported at all. We posted this to our Facebook site and removed contact links for those involved.

Facebook apology from KPS 24/1-/2018 – Ooops! ITV Border tell us they never ran a story about EDC and Lowther withdrawing their idea of building on the Beacon. Our sources recall the story being on the TV in the morning. They can’t recall which channel. Anyway it wasn’t ITV. They hardly ever report anything about our campaign! We tease them that we live in a TV news version of the Bermuda Triangle … some balanced coverage would be nice as not all of you read the Herald!

Anyway we hope our friends at ITV will be paying a wee bit more attention to our story now. It’s only potentially the biggest thing to happen in Penrith since the arrival of the railway in 1846. But of course we apologise to ITV for telling everyone about a non-existent story. Sorry Catherine.

The Masterplan isn’t dead. It’s going ahead as planned:
Nor is the Beacon safe from development.

Keep Penrith Campaign starts litigation and complains about unbalanced (or lack of (update 24/10/18) )reporting over the weekend.

That was yesterday’s (22/1-/2018) press release by KPS.


Since last weeks announcement that Lowther have withdrawn (for the moment) their plans to build on the beacon, KPS have been out and about talking to people in Penrith.  Many many people have told us; ‘well done it’s over’. But it isn’t ‘over’ at all …there are many more ‘overs’ to come.


People think it’s over because ITV Border swallowed EDC’s propaganda hook-line-and- sinker, and have reported it in this vein. Actually ITV have never ever reported KPS in a fair and balanced way. Any coverage from Border has only been about the Beacon and NOT about the Beacon AND THE NEW TOWN. They just cut the stuff about the new town. Why?

Yesterday ITV told us this:

I am getting in touch because I believe you’ve had some concerns about ITV Border’s coverage of the Penrith Strategic Masterplan.

I have reviewed our coverage to date and I am satisfied that we have been accurate, fair and balanced.’

Keep Penrith Special Needs you.

This post has been amended since publication  (Please see NB at top of page update 24/10/18)


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  1. Has this been done as a deliberate ploy by EDC to make people think they’ve shelved the plans so when the postcards from KPS arrive on doorsteps this week the unassuming public will think that they needn’t fill it in & return it as there’s no need to. How dispicable & devious.

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