A Peoples Plan for Penrith



‘Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has’. Margaret Mead

Many thanks to everyone for your support and encouragement for our efforts. The result is astonishing. At 3pm on Friday 2nd November Keep Penrith Special handed over your signatures to our Petition. You will read in the Cumberland and Westmorland Herald on Saturday we had the following raw numbers: (i) online signatures – 2,536, (ii)signatures from canvasing people who had no email 420, (iii) returned postcards 1,489 – (iv) totalling a raw number of 4,445. As at midday today we have had an additional 74 postcards and a further 28 on-line signatures. We are confident that 3,148 of these signatures are residents of the Eden Valley. We have collected everything onto a database in order to remove duplicate signatures and the final count to be clarified next week, should exceed over 4,000 individuals overwhelmingly from our Eden Valley.

We will keep you posted as to what happens next. That ‘next’ will involve building what we are calling the 3PE. That is the People’s Plan for Penrith and Eden. We will build it up from the ground up by proper consultation with everyone. We will do it completely professionally. We will involve EDC and anyone who wants to join, including any Councillor as individuals. BUT, and this is the BIG ‘BUT’, we will NOT give the pen to EDC and EDC Officials until after plan is published. We want to have finished writing this plan by early April 2019. That will give plenty of time for existing and any potentially new Councillors that want to stand to tell everyone if they are in favour of the 3PE BEFORE we all vote in the Elections in May. This will ensure the Masterplan is dead forever.
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