Have Your Say: Contact us at Keep Penrith Special

How to have your say:

We welcome your feedback and thoughts so PLEASE do click here to email Keep Penrith Special from our Contacts Page.

Tatiana Harrison or Matt Baxter will endeavour to get back to you if a response is needed.

Over the next few weeks we hope to get lots of useful information about your thoughts, concerns, comments, ambitions, ideas. We will then collate and put into the consultation.

Our aim is to contribute as best we can to building a better alternative plan and vision for Penrith and Eden to the Beacons Villages Master Plan. Please give us your views.

Don’t forget you can also give your views to the Eden District Council Consultation as well by filling in their form http://beaconvillages.co.uk/get-involved.  Unfortunately the survey monkey forms designed by EDC’s marketing consultants seems to have been created to encourage you to give the Council the feedback they want. For example Rejecting the plan isn’t mentioned, nor is simply not building on the Beacon. The assumption is that doubling the size of Penrith is the magic dust the area needs…so please do go there but remember to give all the feedback you want.

By the way,  there is another way to give the Council your feedback directly but they don’t publish that fact on the website. We have found it for you – email them at penrithmasterplan@eden.gov.uk

We look forward to hearing from you.

Greenways House, Maidenhill, Penrith CA11 8SH (tel: 07966 028666 or 07754 180366)