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Masterplan Legal Update February 2019

In the interest of full disclosure here are three letters , two from our solicitors and one from EDC. They broke the habit of a lifetime and responded in about an hour. Basically we don’t trust them an inch. All the plans are interrelated in our view and if they try to stuff the Masterplan into the local plan or use anything from  their woeful consultation they will immediately face our judicial review. Which we will win! and they know it.

WORK_33558581_1_Signed Letter (BS _ EDC) 13 February 2019


February 2019BS 130219Letter (BS _ Eden DC) 13 February 2019


BS 130219

Legal Case – January 2019 Update

Happy New Year – we hope it will be successful one!

Update – The Legal Saga Continues:

Now EDC suggest we behave like them and discuss things behind closed doors with them! What a joke! Reluctantly EDC tell our lawyers they will supply limited information. Then they complain it costs money to provide that information. We say ‘Put the Masterplan in the bin’ then it won’t cost a penny more. They say ‘ We don’t like you sending all our letters to you to the Press. That means we can’t easily discuss things with you.’ We say: ‘Tough, you aren’t going to shut us up and we will continue being open and transparent and posting all the correspondence online  for people to access and sending it to the press.’

You will find all the latest correspondence via the links below. Continue reading “Legal Case – January 2019 Update”

Happy New Year


We hope you all had a very Happy Christmas.

Santa sent this present to us and the supporters of Keep Penrith Special a few days before Christmas.

We hope we may be getting through and that all the facts about how the Masterplan was put together will spill out. We think this is a result of work by our lawyers (Eden DC) Judicial Review Pre-action Protocol Letter – 19 December 2018  ), the impending Debate on 10th January (6.45 Penrith Town Hall) on your petition and the fact that the media, our own CWHerald, the BBC , ITN and hopefully Edenfm, are planning to attend.
With Best wishes to you all for a prosperous New Year from the KPS Team

we hope that one of the first things that happens is that the woeful Masterplan is put in the bin. We don’t want it recycled btw!

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KPS Petition Hearing on Thursday January 10th @ 6.45pm


Rules for the Debate: We have five minutes to state our case – Please come and support the Petition Hearing:

@ 6.45 Penrith Town Hall on Thursday January 10th


From: Matthew Neal <>
Date: 17 December 2018 at 11:12:19 GMT
To: Adrian Hill
Subject: RE: Council Meeting Jan 10th

Thank you for your e mail.

Under paragraph 26 of the Council Procedure Rules (at page 158 of the constitution) only the petition organiser may speak on that agenda item and such speech shall not exceed 5 minutes inclusive of the reading of the substance of the of the petition. On the conclusion of the speech the petition will be discussed by councillors for no more than 15 minutes. On that basis only you or Mrs Hill may speak for 5 minutes. It would not be in order for representatives of Keep Penrith Special to say something on the agenda as well.

Thank you for informing me of the likely attendance of the BBC and ITV.

Matthew Neal
Deputy Chief Executive (Monitoring Officer)
Eden District Council
Town Hall
Penrith CA11 7QF
Tel (01768) 212237


The Penrith Masterplan still going forward despite over 7,000 objections

Press Release: December 5th 2018


Eden District Council is Woefully Mistaken as
Executives receive update from EDC Officers

The Penrith Masterplan still going forward despite over 7,000 objections

A meeting was held of Eden District Council’s Executive last night on 4th December 2018, where the Executive received an update on the public consultation undertaken in respect of the Beacon Villages Masterplan.

Please click the link to read the attached the EDC update. Penrith Strategic Masterplan – Public Engagement Update – Eden Development Portfolio Holder

Adrian Hill, Spokesman for the Keep Penrith Special Campaign Group commented:

It’s absurd that the Council persists with calling this woeful and unlawful consultation an engagement, when they know full well that the rules governing public consultations applied. Continue reading “The Penrith Masterplan still going forward despite over 7,000 objections”

Friends of the Lake District voice their concerns about the Beacon Developments to EDC

Friends of the Lake District wrote to the Planning officers at EDC last month voicing their concerns about the proposed Beacon Developments and their impact on the Lake District as well as asking to be able to comment and be kept informed.

image001 (003) friends of the lake district

Their excellent document is worth a read. Click the orange link to access.

Friends of the Lake District November 9th 2018

Update. 16/11/2018


Time for an update.

The petition went in. Silence.

Last night there was a meeting of the Scrutiny Committee of EDC. The Lib Dem’s pointed out that the Development Portfolio Holder wasn’t following correct process in relation to the Masterplan and local plan ( blow me down with a feather!). EDC are still fighting us about the same thing in our legal case. On Wednesday we wrote to EDC told them if EDC negotiate now and concede our reasonable demands on the woeful consultation they wont have to pay our legal bills. If they force us to go to Court they will. Don’t then blame us for the cost falling on the ratepayers of Eden District – blame Woeful Tory Cabal who control EDC.


Our work on the 3PE continues apace. A Peoples Plan for Penrith