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20/10/2018: KPS Seek Judicial Review of EDC attempts to use its “Public Engagement” on Penrith Masterplan to support any future applications for funding or planning permission. 57140A85-3935-4237-8D24-2F7E6432E45B (002)_LI

28/09/2018: Campaign Group Keep Penrith Special obtains Legal Opinion that Eden District Council’s Masterplan Consultation ‘falls woefully short of the legal requirements of a valid consultation process’.

Answers to Questions KPS addressed to the EDC Scrutiny Committee on 20 September 2018:

September 19TH 2018. Questions go Unanswered: Press Release:Questions go Unanswered: Press Release: September 19TH 2018

Cumbria Crack 12/09/2018

BBC Radio Cumbria  14/09/2018 РKeep Penrith Special talks with Mike Zeller @ 7.40am .