Masterplan Twaddle #2

Reality check #2: EDC plan a series of ‘Garden Villages’. Read about the implications for Penrith.

The Claim

The Masterplan claims that it will ‘improve the vitality of Penrith town centre’ and a whole section is devoted to ‘Developing & Protecting Penrith Town Centre’.

The Reality

We don’t think it will do anything to Develop and Protect Penrith Town Centre. Instead it will create an alternative town which will rival Penrith, but only 2.5 miles away. This is because it will be a ‘Garden Village’ or a series of them and form part of the Government Garden Village programme.

The Masterplan never mentions that it is really a softening up exercise designed to seek Public Support for an Application for Garden Village status from the Government. That’s the only way this could ever be financed. Here is a link to the Government announcement of the next round of funding: Continue reading “Masterplan Twaddle #2”